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   Peace Of Mind Through Pre-Planning

Whether you are a single person, married, have children (or don’t), working or retired, have vast wealth or are of modest means, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having the basics of a will, medical declaration, and durable power of attorney. Preplanning gives not only your family, but also you, peace of mind, because you know that you have avoided the necessity of being placed into an adult guardianship, know who will be in charge of decision making for you should you become incapacitated due to accident or illness, and know that your estate will be settled in accordance with your wishes at your passing. It is a true gift you can give yourself as well as your loved ones.

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Mr. Rezanka has been a legal columnist for local newspapers; editor of the Advocate (the newsletter of the Elderwriting Law Section of the Florida Bar); a presenter at the Joint Conference on Law and Aging in Washington D.C.; Chairman of the Elder Law Committee of the Clearwater Bar Association; has served on the Board of Directors of the Pinellas County Estate Planning Council; and has volunteered his time to teach other attorneys preparing for board certification in Florida and those concerned about Florida specific legal issues. Before concentrating his practice in Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Mr. Rezanka was employed by law firms whose work pertained to personal injury, bankruptcy, commercial collections, real estate, estate planning, and insurance litigation, giving him a broad background to serve as an advisor to his clients on many matters.

Our practice is centered around Estate and Trust Planning for individuals of all ages as well as Elder specific issues.

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What our clients say about us...

We routinely ask our clients "What would you like to tell prospective Clients about our office?" and
"If you have had experience with other attorneys or law firms, how does ours compare?" While many of our clients provided permission to share these reviews with their names, for purposes of this website we felt that confidentiality should take precedence. Below are some of their replies:

"Top Notch. Everything covered completely” (1-24-19)
"Very explanatory when we did not understand (have built trust over the years) & feel comfortable; spends time with us & we didn’t feel rushed. Treated very nicely & professionally; trustworthy; speaks at our level & asks if we understand" (1/18/19)
"More efficient than any other office I've been in. On time, very precise but Mr. Rezanka took as much time as needed to understand my situation. Efficient, to the point, very quick development of documents. Mr. Rezanka's quick understanding of my needs and mind set. And Mr. Rezanka's retention of my details from one meeting to the next.” (1/11/19)
“Very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient Was able to process and receive all our necessary documents quickly. Felt very comfortable asking questions and supplying necessary information for needed documents.” (11/15/18)
You are very professional while still being kind and patient. (8/24/18)
“You ALL were great! I would recommend your office to friend and family” (7/16/18)
“As good or better as our long time attorney and law firm in the North. That your office operates in a professional manner while being congenial and you are very knowledgeable in your specialty field.” (11/02/17)
“Compared to the previous lawyer we worked with, your attorney and team are SUPER!! I certainly shall! Your service were expert, efficient and compassionate during a time of great sadness for me." (10/03/17)
“Extremely professional, but down to earth as well. Totally detailed oriented. Thank you.”  (05/04/17)
“Much different from Illinois. Your firm was much more informative regarding our special needs and requirements. We feel you are trustworthy and you are careful to make sure we understand each action taken.” (3/20/17)
"We were impressed as to the knowledge we didn’t have and were impressed on what we learned. It was worth our time and money.” (3/20/17)
"Well informed. All questions answered clearly. We were very satisfied with Attorney Rezanka and his staff. Most definitely. We will be sure to tell friends about the professional[ism] and knowledge of your office.” (02/21/17)
"Neither ... felt intimated or talked down to. It was far more informal than anticipated, yet very professional. Knowledgeable, thorough. Takes the time to answer questions. I was impressed with everything [the way] written and explained. Fantastic attention to detail. Very personable and friendly.” (02/09/17)
“We learned more in one visit than we ever learned in another attorney’s office when we went to our appointment with him in Iowa. Visited 2 attorneys in Iowa and both were done within 15 minutes. That all of you are thorough, caring individuals that clearly look after [y]our (clients) best interest and go way beyond for us and our needs. You all listen to our concerns with genuine care and answer all questions.” (1/8/17)
“Better than average, we were very well informed.” (1/6/17)
"You did a great job. You were much more thorough. We loved the time you took to go over everything. You are awesome when it comes to attention to details. You seem to really care about what is best for your clients!!" (10/13/16)
“We learned a lot about Florida Law and you were very helpful with information on senior living and benefits. You took extra time explaining all the details.” (10/11/16)
Your office is more welcoming, friendlier, not intimidating and we don’t feel like we are insignificant even though our business with you is modest. You take the time and effort to work through personal unique scenarios to develop the best solutions. (9/26/16)
“I have worked with at least 3 other law firms during my life in this area and in Dallas. Your office was efficient and accommodating when I came to appointment times which is important to us. Your rates are comparable also.” (9/24/16)    
"Much more thorough, explainations more understandable, never felt rushed. This time I felt as though I got my moneys worth. You are efficient, knowlegdeable on all aspects, easy to work with, and your guidance based on law was the best!" (9/23/16)
“Try them, you wont be sorry.”(9/22/16)
“You were more thorough with suggestions. Very personal and interested in making sure all topics/questions are covered.” (9/20/16)
“Compared to the attorney who drew up our trust, your office is head and shoulders above. We feel secure that we can ask questions , that items are as requested” (02/05/16)
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